The healthcare infrastructures in several African countries are so devastated by neoliberal economic policies mandated by the IMF that UN secretary general António Guterres expressed concern that the continent would be devastated by the coronavirus epidemic. He said he fears “millions and millions” of coronavirus cases in Africa. Now, after French doctors publicly proposed testing Covid-19 vaccines on Africans, the Ethiopian director-general of WHO had to come out & say publicly there would no making colonial guinea pigs out of Africans.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from WHO is no champion of the people. He still stands accused by doctors & health professionals since 2017 of covering up cholera epidemics in Sudan & Ethiopia to avoid embarrassing those two regimes & was recently accused of turning a blind eye to China’s culpability for the coronavirus epidemic. It’s a damn good thing that the racist recklessness of the French doctors was made so public because now it puts WHO in the spotlight for responsibility in protecting every human being rather than turn Africans into colonial triage victims.

We should demand that African countries be provided immediate healthcare supplies & facilities to address the coronavirus epidemic. No human being is expendable to us.