“Massacre of Sikhs is Islamic State’s Warning to the Kashmiri Tehreek:

What is so surprising about Islamic State massacring Sikhs in Afghanistan and calling it revenge for Indian atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims (or in Daesh language, “Muslims in Kashmir”)? Why this desperation to call it a covert operation by the Indian State? How can anybody deny that Daesh actions are perfectly in sync with the ideology that drives the fascist organisation, which has no place for anybody in its vision of the ideal world except those whom it acknowledges as “true believers of Islam” according to Caliphate standards of what that means? For the rest of humanity, genocide and slavery are all that Islamic State offers.

Choosing Sikhs in Afghanistan as targets and connecting the attack on them to the oppression of Kashmiri Muslims by India are meant to convey that Islamic State stands with Muslims only where their struggle is against non-Muslim peoples or Muslims “not Islamic enough” by its standards, who must all be exterminated or subjugated to the Caliphate it has been seeking to rebuild elsewhere ever since it was smashed in Raqqa, Syria. It is a warning to Kashmiri Muslims, asking them to stop relying on the solidarity of other oppressed peoples in the subcontinent and elsewhere, give up their struggle for Azadi or self-determination, and become cannon fodder in inter-imperialist wars for global domination as fighters of Islamic State, waging war on minorities and dissidents wherever they can.”

–Satyadeep Satya