“Imagine all your communication was snapped before you could celebrate your festival you wait a year for. Thousands of your people locked up in dark jails. No one on the road. Not even outside. You didn’t know where they took your kids, your young and old. You watched on TV. Some people celebrating, distributing sweets, and dancing on the roads for you’re locked up in your home. Imagine the rape threats. On media, by politicians, by trigger-happy foot soldiers. Then they had the audacity to teach you about “humanity” when they could not even uphold the ethics of war. There is no mask that could protect you. All of a sudden, you are locked up in your own home and all this is justified because you are a Kashmiri. A sudden knock wakes up the warrior in you. This was not even half of the story, just the index of it. Never forget, never forgive.”

–Kashmiri Zachriah Sulayman