Like Hitler’s Brownshirts, Mussolini’s Blackshirts, Assad troops, & ISIS terrorists, HIndutva mobsters move into action with their own battle cry or dog whistle. ‘Jai Shri Ram’ (‘Victory to Lord Ram’) is what the Hindutva man shouted as he pointed his semi-automatic pistol at thousands of unarmed women & children protesters at Shaheen Bagh. It’s what they chant as they maraud through the streets hunting down Muslims, as they vandalize Muslim properties, as they desecrate Muslim cemeteries.

Some speculate this pogrom is an orchestrated campaign initiated at the highest levels of the Indian government to counter the movement against CAA/NCR & to drown out the voices of Kashmiri resistance. If it wasn’t initiated at the highest levels, it is certainly aided & abetted by agents provocateurs in the same way the Brownshirts served as a paramilitary force for Hitler & the Nazi Party. If we do not stand with Indian Muslims in international actions of protest, we will be fighting the barbarians at our own gates. Coming, as this does, in the wake of imminent defeat of the Syrian Arab Spring, our struggle against the rising forces of death & destruction will be made exponentially more difficult.