It is within this context–where Johnson & his staff openly support eugenics & the superiority of whites–that evo psycho Richard Dawkins tweeted comments supporting eugenics. His habitual & pathologically inflammatory pronouncements are only taken seriously because they dominate politicians, media, & universities. Some halfwits who think they’re progressive & are dazzled by academic credentials think he actually has something to say when he is only the PhD rendition of Bill Maher & Trump.

Evo psycho has never been anything but trash science which posits white supremacy, racism, women-hating, social hatreds of all kinds as rooted in our genetic makeup. It’s the old ‘human nature’ rubbish used to justify inequalities dressed up in longwinded academic blither. Dawkins promotes a supremacist ideology which was shared by the Nazis, openly expressing hatred for Muslims, women (especially feminists), & those with disabilities. He infamously once said it is immoral to allow Down’s syndrome babies to be born. He endorses pedophilia & has been photographed with other evo psychos traveling on Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane.

Dawkins’ defenders insist ad nauseam that his pronouncements are misunderstood when actually, for those without wooden heads, his white & male supremacy are crystal clear. He makes his comments not just as a narcissistic need to get attention but as an arrogant servant of the status quo. When what he has to say echoes Hitler, Goebbels, Johnson, Trump, et al, maybe he should be taken seriously as an ideologue of fascism.