Jared Kushner is so untrustworthy he can’t even get a security clearance. So why would US capitalism leave its Israel policies in the hands of two morons like Kushner & Trump? Their combined intelligence doesn’t equal that of a slug (with apologies to the slug for the comparison). In promoting the bantustate/ethnic cleansing plan, Kushner actually said Palestinians are “going to screw up another opportunity like they’ve screwed up every other opportunity that they’ve ever had in their existence.” The contempt & racism are breathtaking. But this slug serves US capitalism which is using Trump & Kushner’s white supremacy, misogyny, & elitism to accelerate ethnic cleansing & genocide of Palestinians. Just as the system is using Trump to create concentration camps for refugees, punish refugees for poverty, attack disability benefits, attack women’s reproductive freedom, & create a redneck barroom culture in US politics.

The US attacks on Palestinians through this ethnic cleansing plan are of a piece with the attacks on refugees, the disabled, women, & the poor. It is naive to attribute these attacks solely to the deranged politics of the two slugs. US capitalism has something to gain from letting them run loose since neither one of these hucksters is capable of understanding real estate, let alone the politics of colonialism, apartheid, genocide, without a corps of advisors, lawyers, & think tanks behind them.