When we protest the US assassination of the general (who was a war criminal in Syria & Iraq) & demand no war mongering against Iran, we make no concessions to the brutal, repressive character of the Iranian regime. We do not follow the example of Code Pink by sucking up to Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif whilst Iranians are assaulted, executed, & jailed for protesting for human & democratic rights.

Lest there be any confusion about the distinction between the Iranian theocracy & the Iranian people, in 2019, “at least 273 people were executed by the government, including 17 women & nine juvenile offenders. Drug-related charges account for 36 of these executions. Of course, the real numbers may be much higher because these most executions in Iran are carried out secretly & it is in the government’s best interests to disguise their crimes.” One person executed was an 81-year-old man for an unspecified crime.

“This does not account for the 1,500 unarmed protesters slain in the streets during the government’s violent crackdown on the November uprising over the increase in fuel price costs. It also does not take into account the number of arrested protesters who died under torture in prison following the November uprising or those wounded by security forces during the protests who were denied medical care & “died from an infection.”