Matzpen was an Israeli socialist & anti-Zionist organization active been 1962 & the 1980s. Matzpen member Arie Bober who edited “The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism” toured the US in 1970 & it is his lectures that first introduced me to the theoretical foundations of Zionism. Many today seem to have little understanding of the theory of Zionism & prefer to see it as evil incarnate, a political weakness that lends itself to anti-Semitism. People, for many reasons including class, believe all sorts of irrational things. Believing it is evil incarnate presupposes no possibility of breaking the commitment of Jews to Zionism when we see that transformation happening before our very eyes & taking organizational form in Israel & other countries.

“The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism”, edited by Arie Bober:

“New Premises for a False Conclusion”, an analysis of Zionism & its relationship to anti-Semitism, by Matzpen member Moshe Machover: