This is an important post by Kashmiri Amir Malik about Indian protesters who are decidedly not drawing the right conclusions from the legal exclusion of Muslims & from the violence against their protests:

“Some non-serious pages on facebook apparently against amended Citizenship Act and some individuals have said “the police dealt with us in such a way as if we were terrorist”. Some even said, “we are not Kashmiri,” they added.

These kinds of statements are condemnable as they carry Indian state’s line. Besides, they also justify state’s brutality on innocents whom it frames as terrorists.

The second set of statement which says “we are not Kashmiri” is far more dangerous. It justifies army’s brutality on a civilization, entire population.

Indians getting a few bruises here in Delhi is bad, really very bad. But, those who have not lived under occupation have no idea what Kashmiris go through every day. They pay with their blood. You got to stop saying “this is not Kashmir”.

On how you can avoid making these kinds of statements, a little suggestion– avoid comparing your tragedy with that of Kashmiris or “terrorists”. Say what happened to you was brutal. And should not have happened.

How can you justify state-terror unleashed on “Kashmiri” or “terrorists” or “Maoist”. While speaking against police brutally on you, when did you become so brutal?”

–Amir Malik