Two tweets about the brutal attacks by Delhi police on students at Jamia Millia University in New Delhi protesting the legalization of marginalizing & persecuting Muslims:

“Police has entered in Jamia Millia campus from all sides and is continuously firing tear gas shells. Many students and locals are injured. The whole area has been cordoned off. It is time we expose this anti-Muslim character of Delhi Police. Delhi Police must stop.”

–tweeted by Kawalpreet Kaur @kawalpreetdu

“These scenes of police brutality inside Jamia Millia are straight from the manual of Third Reich. Police barging inside the library, masjid and canteen to beat up students. Tear gas, pepper gas, stun grenades, lathis. Shoes and blood on the ground. Ye Elahi reham.”

–tweeted by Suaid Ahmad @SuaidAhmad