Because of a momentary lapse in attention, my big Rhodesian Ridgeback escaped the yard. She is the sweetest girl with me & the little dogs but goes psycho when she sees a cat. As I chased her down the alley where feral & neighborhood cats congregate & laze in the sun, she spotted my neighbor’s cat & attacked her. The other cats fled. I began hollering which distracted her & the cat got away. My neighbor wasn’t home to check on the cat & when I did she looked mighty traumatized but okay. Later I went to check with the neighbor & he first threatened to call animal control on me for not controlling my dogs, then said she was injured on her back but not mortally.

He didn’t think a vet was required but allowed me to get an antibiotic spray for her that I’m told is a powerful cure-all for most injured animals. Now I have to deal with those momentary lapses in attention since my dog would not have done her doggy thing if I hadn’t been careless. I was chasing my Chihuahua, a Houdini at escape, in the alley & left the gate open, forgetting that the Ridgeback was in the yard. It’s not certain if dogs keep you young or make you grow old before your time.