Indian Council General for NY Sandeep Chakravorty told a group that in Kashmir India should follow the Israeli model of colonizing. Jews kept the ‘culture alive for 2,000 years outside their land’ as India has to keep ‘Kashmiri culture alive & Kashmiri culture is Indian culture, Hindu culture’. Apparently he doesn’t talk to India’s UN guy who just voted for self-determination for Palestinians. Apparently he also doesn’t know squat about human history. According to his historical method, Irish-Americans, Irish-Australians, or Irish-Mexicans can lay claim to the Rhineland from whence their ancestors came a few thousand years ago. We can wear those lederhosen as well as any German. Chakravorty has several advanced degrees including in forest management. History must not have been part of the curriculum. He should have stuck to being a forest ranger since his understanding of human history is fascist, nationalist, & complete fabrication.