It’s contemptible sarcasm that India recently voted for a UN resolution titled “The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” The sarcasm is that India makes no diplomatic secret of its military & political associations with Israel at the expense of both Palestinians & Kashmiris. India’s support for Palestinians begins & ends at collaboration with Mahmoud Abbas & his coterie at the Palestinian Authority which exists solely to enforce the Oslo Accords which legitimize the Israeli occupation & expropriation of Palestine.

The resolution itself is contemptible since it completely mangles the very concept of self-determination, incorporates the continued existence of a Jewish-only state & promotes a bantustate solution for Palestinians. According to this piece of rubbish resolution, Palestinian ‘self-determination’ requires acceptance of the 1967 borders & the conditions of several other agreements brokered by the US & Israel which reduce Palestinians to vassals of Israel. It’s almost as if the Israeli genocide of Palestinians has completely passed by notice of the UN.

The bantustate solution was always a Zionist con job, a scam, a diversion. Israeli intentions to ethnically cleanse all Palestinians & expropriate all of Palestine are now beyond dispute. Self-determination for Palestinians requires a radical transformation that will not accept pipe dreams but will fight for a secular, democratic state based on the 1948 borders, not besieged bantustates or diaspora into refugee camps.