The very political forces who support Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians are outraged by the alleged violence of protesters in Hong Kong. According to these apologists for tyranny, the violence of police toward protesters is justified because the protesters are aggressive & anti-communist. Perhaps the politicos have never heard of agents provocateurs. Perhaps they believe that if you oppose repression by a so-called communist regime, you have no right to protest it. Perhaps they believe Maoism has created ‘the best of all possible worlds’. Perhaps they have rocks in their heads. Or more likely, they are corrupt from their pea brains all the way down to the rotten marrow of their bones. They don’t protest barrel bombs dropped by Syrian & Russian war planes on civilians but go all indignation when a Chinese protester throws a stink bomb back at police using tear gas & truncheons.

The Hong Kong protests have gone on a very long time. Facing extreme repression, they may temporarily face a crisis of leadership & perspectives. But the Hong Kong movement is very experienced & has long been an inspiration to human rights supporters around the world. They have a right to protest without being assaulted by police even if they are demanding the overthrow of Chinese-style communism. That’s what democracy is all about. But what they are demanding is democracy & the end of tyranny.