87 days now of the Kashmiri blockade & no end in sight. There are important protests in Lebanon, Iraq, Chile, ongoing genocides in Idlib, Palestine, China, Yemen, & West Papua, attempts to deport Rohingya to an uninhabitable island, war in Afghanistan, & millions of refugees stranded all over the world. It’s not that Kashmiri lives are more valuable than all those others but that their struggle, if fortified by international solidarity, can reverse the trend of barbarism that is taking over the world & advance unity in action with other freedom struggles. It’s that important, that politically decisive. What happens in India won’t stay in India. If fascism is not decisively defeated there, it will impact other freedom struggles in the most adverse ways & the world will end up that much closer to hell. Kashmiris are playing a leading role in making this world suitable for children to come of age in, for human beings to live & love in. For those reasons, we #StandWithKashmir.