Indian journalist & Modi sock puppet Barkha Dutt is denouncing the killing in Kashmir of five day laborers from West Bengal. She calls “The terror attack on labourers a grim reminder of the full reality of Kashmir.” Kashmiris are also denouncing the killings but unlike nationalist Dutt who attributes them to Pakistan-sponsored terrorists, Kashmiris suspect government agents since there is no history of armed militants attacking unarmed workers while there is 72 years of history of the Indian Army doing so. The ‘full reality of Kashmir’ does not just include the murder of those workers but the collective punishment of the Indian Army crackdown today on all Kashmiri males ordered on mosque loudspeakers to show up at army camps with their identity cards.

If Dutt wants to talk about the ‘full reality of Kashmir’, what about pellet guns against unarmed protesters, the mass rape & assault of women & girls, the forcible disappearance of almost 10,000, the abduction of over 13,000 boys & their incarceration with adult criminals in hell hole Indian prisons, the arrest of up to 30,000 Kashmiris? Using the royal ‘we’ in a telling way, Dutt says “We blame Western media for caricatured media reportage of Kashmir.” Now she’s beginning to sound like Assad’s fascist propagandists with whom she shares considerable affinities.