Sincere condolences to Kashmiris grieving the death of Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani who died yesterday in New Delhi from cardiac arrest. He was a former Delhi University professor sentenced to death for conspiring to blow up the Indian Parliament in December 2001 but acquitted by the Delhi High Court in October 2003 due to lack of evidence. There was an attempt on his life in February 2005 when he was shot five times outside his lawyer’s office but the acquittal was upheld by the Indian Supreme Court in August 2005. Kashmiri Afzal Guru was charged as a co-conspirator & hung in an Indian jail on February 2013 with evidence just as flimsy as that against SAR Geelani. May both men Rest In Peace & be honored for their contributions to Kashmiri freedom.

This article is an interview with SAR Geelani excerpted from “In Custody: Law, Impunity: Prisoner Abuse in South Asia” by Nitya Ramakrishnan.