The only time I’ve ever been arrested & put on trial was in Minneapolis in 2000 when I protested experimentation on live animals. For which, by the way, I was ridiculed by sophisticated socialists who thought the humane treatment of animals was beneath our concerns. I became opposed to such experiments while a student at the University of Minnesota in 1969 when I saw a whimpering dog in a kennel outside a medical lab as they cut away each of his parts. That I did not rescue that poor animal remains with me as a rebuke.

The recent exposé of extreme torture of monkeys in German labs is gruesome & every bit a part of a medical, veterinary, & cosmetic industry that sadistically uses & justifies torture of animals as a benefit to humankind. Those who cannot identify with the suffering of animals cannot really identify with the suffering of human beings. Don’t try to tell us that it serves humanity to torture animals. It just provides employment for sadists.

One reason I have eight dogs is because I will not relinquish them to shelters that euthanize. I am not entirely certain that they actually euthanize rather than sell them to laboratories to experiment on. Animals, even rats & mice, are not objects to be tortured but sentient, living creatures that must be respected if we are to call ourselves fully human.