This is Modi with Kissinger, Tony Blair, Condoleezza Rice, John Howard (former prime minister of Australia), & Robert Gates (former US Secretary of Defense). Modi tweeted this photo today from the New Delhi meeting of the JP Morgan International Council. This is the first time the International Council has met in India since 2007. According to Modi, the discussions were about making India a US$5-trillion economy by 2024.

There isn’t a lot of public information available about the JP Morgan International Council since most organizations associated with Kissinger are necessarily secretive because there’s so much criminality involved. But we can be sure the economic exploitation & plunder of Kashmir was high on the agenda along with advancing neoliberal & sweatshop economic policies in India at the expense of working people.

This photo is a proud moment for the violently irrational & mediocre Modi but association with all of these war criminals places him squarely where he belongs in the bowels of hell.

(Photo tweeted by Modi, October 22, 2019)