-my beloved brother.

I swear, if my tears would bring him back,
I would let all my tears out
I cried until this sun,
became darkness to my eyes

If I would request anything from this mortal world
I would request to divide my lifetime to two

I would give him half of my lifetime,
I would see him alive again
And tell him how precious he is to me,
and what is his rank in my heart

I would tell him that he lives
here till my last breathe
I would fight my sadness,
by recalling his memories, his
goodness, and defeat it

I feel the burn,
in every side of my heart
I try to act with pride,
but my soul surrendered to this pain

I wish this grave knows how
great is the man we just buried
How great was he when he was alive,
and how great is he when he is not with us.

-aabid ibn bashir