Dr. Misfar Hassan, president of Jammu Kashmir Liberation UK & EU, addressed an event at Labour Conference 2019 in Brighton, UK, where he said ‘violent means adopted by youth’ & ‘Pakistan-based terrorists have led to widespread human rights abuses’ in Kashmir, that ‘curfews after the abrogation of Article 35A have complicated the matter’, & that there are ‘threats of increased violent activities by historically involved non-state actors’. He never said a word about the one-million Indian troops in Kashmir, the kidnapping of 13,000 Kashmiri children & arrest of 4,000 political activists, the telecommunications blockade, the shortage of food & medicines, the use of pellet guns & live ammo against unarmed protesters.

Who is Misfar Hassan & why is he talking like an idiot? Maybe he ought to clarify whose side he is on.