Everyone uses social media in their own way. A lot of people don’t comment on walls & just follow the news. But right now, in my choice of new friends or pruning of my friends list, I’m giving priority to those who express concern about the Kashmiri, Palestinian, Rohingya, Uyghur & other freedom struggles or the wars, especially in Syria, Yemen, & Afghanistan. If you’re more concerned about elections in your country, that’s swell. But send me a friend request when the elections are over so we can get back to business. That election stuff bores the hell out of me. The day I reduce politics to parsing distinctions between Biden, Warren, & Sanders is the day I call it quits. My thing is standing with the oppressed & movement building, not playing the odds on politicians. Don’t be offended if I unfriend you. Sometimes I make bad calls. So just let me know if I did.