Since the Kashmiri Pandit (Hindu) crisis of the 1990s is repeatedly thrown in our faces by nationalists falsely accusing Kashmiri Muslims of genocide & because right-wing Kashmiri Pandits are playing a central role among Hindutvavadis, it is really important to get ahold of that history. This is where rigorous attention to sources is imperative. If you want the Hindutva view, read Wikipedia. No one wants apologetics; we want reliable history. As you study the issue, you just have to ask yourself if it makes sense that Muslims would conduct a genocide against Hindus whilst at the same time they themselves were sustaining the extremes of Indian government violence. Please note that the same slander was used against Rohingya in Arakan state: as if they would stop in flight for their lives from the Burmese Army to conduct a genocide against Hindus.