It’s certain that many of us are feeling drained & overwhelmed by now 50 days of campaigning for Kashmir. It’s like the trauma we felt witnessing Israel’s seven-week bombing siege of Gaza in 2014 or months of the Rohingya genocide in 2017 & the ongoing murderous bombing of Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan. It is exhausting work because we have to look genocide in the face & human beings, other than psychos & genocidaires, aren’t made that way. Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t mean you’re withdrawing from the work but that you need a respite to reenergize. If you always keep in mind that there is no possibility of respite for Kashmiris, Palestinians, Rohingya, & those sustaining bombing wars, then you keep your bearings. Don’t ever work beyond your limits or you will end up getting sick. Just take occasional spins around the block to a concert or a movie. It’s like coming up for fresh air & reminds us of what a wonderful world this could be. Then get back to the work. Amen.