Can you imagine that I had a friend here who was liking up posts over on the Howdy Modi rally wall? When I first began writing about Kashmir, there was an avalanche of nationalist friends who went berserk in the same way Zionists & Assadists do. They’re all in blockland now since they thought abuse, epithets, haranguing, threats were the way to persuade me Kashmir was an integral part of India. I was sorry to see them go but I hate nationalism & Islamophobic war mongering even more. I haven’t spent a moment crying over their loss, only over their reactionary delusions.

You don’t change people’s minds by arguments very often. They have to be confronted by the political power of the oppressed. That was something I learned from the US Civil Rights movement in comparing the state of racism before & after it & it’s stuck with me through all my political work. I’ve never had reason to change my mind.