The Indian government will keep building up the pressure on Kashmir because:
(1) if Pakistan is provoked to attack, the government hopes to complete in conditions of war whatever remains unfinished under the siege–the majority of Kashmiri Muslims dead, displaced or in jail and detention camps–while trying to conquer Pakistan-occupied Kashmir to seal the BJP/RSS’s full claim over Indian nationalism forever;
(2) if Pakistan doesn’t attack, the government hopes to eventually see most Kashmiris resigned to the fact that nobody can save them if they don’t live as “good Indian citizens” as nobody can stop India from acting as it pleases in Kashmir;
(3) if Pakistan doesn’t attack, but continues to speak in defence of Kashmiris internationally, the government has already managed to find “intelligence inputs” about Pakistan-backed terrorists, possibly Kashmiri, planning to attack public places across India, especially Hindu temples–and a terror attack would suffice, in the mood cultivated so zealously over months, to do nearly what a full-fledged Pakistani invasion would have done for the BJP/RSS regime.”


–Indian activist Satyadeep Satya