It’s making news that Tulsi Gabbard dropped out of speaking at the American Hindutva “Howdy Modi” rally in Houston on September 22nd. She has met with him several times, including in India, & once called him “an inspiration to elected officials everywhere.” Because of her hatred for Muslims, his 2002 pogrom against Muslims in Gujarat & his current rabid persecution of Muslims in India must make him particularly inspiring to her.

She is not dropping out from fawning & dishonoring Native Hawaiian tradition with her aloha schtick because she’s rethinking rightwing nationalism or genocide. Massive, international opposition to the siege & blockade of Kashmir make the Houston Modi-fest particularly inauspicious for the POTUS candidate at this time. Her campaign is tottering, except among Assadists, Zionists, & Hindutvavadis who sustain it with their dough & endorsements. She isn’t going to risk that but is making a tactical decision in order to salvage what little is left of her chances as a candidate.

(Photo is Gabbard with Modi at one of his trips to the US)