I would be the last to hold much stock in what US politicians say, but Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar are playing a singular role in their outspoken defiance & refusal to conform to Zionism & Islamophobia in the US Congress. I must say that Ilhan Omar’s statement on Kashmir was not particularly informed or impressive, especially her call for “deescalation” rather than the immediate withdrawal of all Indian troops. This statement by Rashida Tlaib is much more informed & powerful, with the exclusion of “While I have deep respect for India…” But it also has the weakness of calling for the US to “support a UN-backed peaceful resolution” instead of the immediate withdrawal of Indian troops. It’s not nitpicking to make that objection. There can be no possible peaceful resolution, whether UN-backed or not, without the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian troops from Kashmir. Tlaib also calls for due process for Kashmiri political prisoners detained without charge when she should have called for the immediate release of all political prisoners.