Tulsi Gabbard, who has long-time public associations with Modi & the Hindutva crowd both in the US & India, was asked about Kashmir. This video is Gabbard at her sleaziest calling it a “complex” issue, “not as clear-cut as this one side versus this one side….there are concerns that should be addressed about human rights violations & civil rights violations.” Concerns like occupation by one-million soldiers, pellet guns, mass rape, forcible disappearance, curfews, mass incarceration & torture, mass graves, extrajudicial executions? No, she ignores that reality & instead makes veiled reference to the Pandit issue & despite her own political history of homophobia, impugns Kashmiris for Indian government policy outlawing homosexuality, brings up the Islamophobic canard about oppressed Muslim women, & refers to Kashmir as a “sovereign country” by which she means Kashmir is a part of India. The girl’s slick. But she is a dirt ball.