It’s being reported that Omar Abdullah, who is being detained at the swank Hari Niwas Palace in Srinagar, is complaining of depression & will be receiving psychiatric consultation with a doctor from Government Medical Hospital Srinagar. File that under ‘cry me a river’. During his tenure as J&K chief minister between 2009 & 2015, hundreds of Kashmiri youth were arrested, tortured, forcibly disappeared, murdered. He introduced the use of pellet guns in 2010 which have blinded, disabled, disfigured, killed, demoralized thousands of Kashmiri youth. None of that caused him a moment of lost sleep or depression. Being held against his will in luxury accommodations so India can morph him into a ‘moderate leader’ of Kashmir while it systematically destroys the movement for #azaadi is not punishment. It’s a dog & pony show.