When we think about that ‘First they came for the Muslims & refugees & I did not speak out…’ analogy, we should keep in mind that the terrorism scare first became used against Palestinians, blaming Palestinian youth for the colonial violence against them. It proved so effective, that it was deployed against Black youth, calling them ‘narco-terrorists’ to justify martial law & violations of the Bill of Rights in the Black community.

It is relevant that when I first wrote about that in the early 1990s & again in 2007, those who most ridiculed me for saying the violence was against, not by Black youth, are now part of the Stalinist & Assadist cult promoting the ‘war on terror’ against the Syrian Arab Spring. Almost to the person. The most elementary thing in politics is being able to distinguish who is the oppressor & who the oppressed. If you blow that distinction, God save your sorry ass.