Received this letter from a former Bangladeshi friend who does not live in Bangladesh & describes himself as “from an old Bengali aristocratic family.” When you read it, you will see why he had to become a former friend:

“Dear Miss Scully
As you know about the Rohinga issues of Myanmar but to be honest as a Bangladeshi I love to see them die and the reason is they are nothing but a virus, a problem maker nation. They are staying in Bangladesh. They just destroyed almost about all hills, forest areas. They involved them selves with all kind of illegal activities, they are the drug smuggling carriers. They are involved with robbery, rape, looting people, drugs etc. There are at least 100 people who are here as refugees but they are doing business and they are millionaires. They are in fact protesting that Bangladesh is not giving them any favour. Aid donating countries are their friends where else they are now even threating local people .
“They are just nothing but a curse, a virus and pests. Their own people don’t take them and the people who helped them and they are destroying and making problems against us .
“Once we where sympathetic with them but now, I love to see them out from my country and we don’t care where they stay, live or die.”