Today is the UN’s International Day of Remembrance & Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism. That should include, if not prioritize, victims of state terrorism, including over 100,000 Kashmiris killed by Indian forces in the last 30 years; millions of Rohingya victims of continuing Burmese state terror; millions of Syrians killed or forced to flee state terror inflicted by Syrian, Russian, Israeli, & US-coalition bombers & paramilitary groups; millions of Afghans forced to flee, jailed, or killed by US bombing going on now nearly 18 years; thousands of Black youth in the US railroaded into prison on minor or false charges or shot down in the streets; millions of Uyghur in China persecuted or held in concentration camps; millions of Yemenis sustaining carpet bombing now nearly four & one-half years; the millions in at least seven countries sustaining US military bombing & occupation. And the litany of state terrorism goes on & on covering every continent.

Today we take a moment to honor those who have died or been harmed in any way by state terrorism & recommit ourselves to building an international movement that will stand with the oppressed & end state terrorism once & for all.
The sketch is a tribute to the victims & a protest by artist Marc Nelson to the ongoing state terrorism in Idlib.

(Sketch is from an eyewitness photo of a Syrian child by Marc Nelson)