When we demand the release of all Kashmiri political prisoners, we must include those arrested before this current siege, those arrested during it, & those children abducted in night raids by Indian occupying forces. According to the recent investigative report by Indian political activist Kavita Krishnan, economist Jean Dreze, & Maimoona Mollah:

“We met people in villages all over Kashmir, where little kids have been… there is no other word to use… they have been abducted by the police. They have been picked up from their homes in the middle of the night from their beds and they are held indefinitely, illegally, either in army camps or in police stations. They are being beaten up. Their parents have no way of ascertaining whether their children will disappear or be returned. There is no case that is registered, no FIR. I can say that to every village we went, there were arrests that had happened.”