What a colossal act of aggression that India would shut down every form of telecommunication with Kashmir. The personal & political magnitude of that is mind-boggling. The modern world pivots around communication with everyone having personal phones in hand at all times & constant use of computers. Those Kashmiris abroad with ailing or aging parents, with family that may be in vulnerable situations (especially with the disability rate caused by pellet guns), or are worried about how their families are doing under this siege are torn with distress & worry. It’s a cowardly, malicious act of unspeakable dimensions.

One wonders how the government does that. They don’t just flip a switch. Don’t they have to order workers to shut down operations? Aren’t those workers on our side? Or at least shouldn’t they be? We need to look into how they did it because if we are going to change this world & end the ugliness & violence, communicating with each other is imperative & we can’t let them take that away from us again. Amen.