According to J&K state officials, the internet will be snapped (it reportedly already is in large parts of Kashmir), mobile phone service will be cut off, schools will be closed, protests will be banned, curfews are being imposed, activists & independence leaders will be arrested. The intention, of course, is an information blackout to prevent the world from knowing what human rights crimes India is committing against the Kashmiri people. Mir Laieeq says Kashmiris are facing an “existential threat.”

If solidarity means anything, it means that we must stand with Kashmiris during this merciless siege, pursue every avenue to obtain accurate information, educate about their struggle, organize rallies where we can, continue to expose the occupation & demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of Indian troops.

Our fullest solidarity with Kashmiris in word & in deed as they stand on the front lines of oppression. We cannot let them stand alone.