Only Bill Browder (the son of Earl Browder, a leading US Stalinist, Bill Browder turned financier to cash in on the collapse of the USSR) is reporting that Putin’s police are threatening to cut off the fingers of arrested protestors who refuse to be fingerprinted. Until there is other verification of that, we can be skeptical. But there is also video footage of Putin’s police ganging up on & beating the crap out of unarmed protesters.

Let’s be frank, at this point it doesn’t matter if Russia interfered in US elections that got Trump elected since Clinton was the unsavory alternative. It was a lose-lose election. But at some point, those who weep buckets over the persecution of Putin & Russia have to pull their noses out of the nether regions of tyranny & face the facts. Or is hero worship & regime-change rubbish their new modus operandi?