Every once in a while I have to restate that I don’t run a debating society. One reason is because in 53 years of activism, I haven’t persuaded any boyfriends to move to the left of the Democrats or a single person in my family to move to the left of–dare I admit it–Donald Trump. I once thought leading a virtuous life combined with my ardor for socialism would persuade at least one of them to stop with the crappy politics & ‘come to Jesus’. But I just wasted years when I could have been sinning up a storm. That’s how bad I am at persuading people.

Another reason is that my wall is a solidarity wall, not a debating society. If Zionists, Assadists, anti-Semites, Islamophobes, Hindutva nationalists were a reasonable lot & one could engage in useful discussion, okay, I might consider changing that. But the best of them are lost souls & the most of them are vituperative & hateful. I don’t delete their comments & block them for reasonably presenting deranged ideas but because they swear at me & call me names & there is nothing to learn from that, not even insights into abnormal psychology.

That’s why you can’t hijack my posts & use them to talk rubbish about Palestinians, Kashmiris, Rohingya, Uyghur, refugees, immigrants. I don’t mind disagreement but only within the framework of solidarity.