CNN has published a clear explanation for US, Jordanian, & Syrian joint responsibility for the humanitarian crisis facing 25,000 displaced Syrians in the Rukban refugee camp near the Jordanian border. The camp is in a US-protected zone only ten miles from a US military base, Jordan refuses to allow cross border deliveries, & Syria refuses to allow aid delivery in order to force residents to evacuate to regime-controlled areas where they will likely be arrested.

One of the major problems in building a Syrian Arab Spring solidarity movement was the misrepresentation of the role played by US-coalition forces in Syria. Assadists denounced a “US regime-change operation” while many leading anti-Assadists called for a humanitarian US intervention to defend the Syrian Arab Spring. There have recently been a few articles by anti-Assad supporters of the Syrian Arab Spring backing off their nonsense about a US humanitarian bombing campaign & giving a rational analysis of the role of the US-coalition in Syria. It was a major, almost unforgivable blunder to campaign for US military intervention as a means to save a revolution against dictatorship. In the case of Syria, it is proving fatal because it undermined the possibility of building a solidarity movement. Proponents of US humanitarian bombing claimed Syrians were demanding it so who were we to oppose it. Who are we? We are those who can connect the dots between the US wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, the US bankrolling of Israeli occupation & then make the connections with all the other US wars of the past many decades.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Russian, Iranian, US-coalition, Israeli, & Hezbollah forces & mercenaries out of Syria.

CNN article:

(Photo from Rukban refugee camp by Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty Images, March 2019)