This is a farmer in Idlib whose fields are being targeted by Syrian & Russian war planes in a scorched earth bombing campaign now in its third month. He is not a terrorist. Yet the corrupted US antiwar group United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) issued a statement equating the Syrian Arab Spring uprising in Idlib in 2011 with terrorists, claiming Idlib is now a major enclave of terrorists & is governed by al Qaeda, & that all civilians, specifically Christians, had long ago been driven out.

The UNAC statement defends Russian & Syrian military intervention in Idlib & denies their use of chemical weapons but does not address the use of barrel bombs, carpet bombing, or Russia’s claim that it is testing out new advanced weaponry in Syria. Instead, the statement blames US & Israeli military intervention in Syria for the carnage in Idlib. The US & Israel have monstrous war crimes to account for in Syria & their military intervention should be denounced & opposed. But in the present bombing siege of Idlib, it is Syria, Russia, & Iran who must be denounced rather than supported so ardently by UNAC.

All of the UNAC statement reads as though it came from the Assad regime, from propagandists Eva Bartlett & Vanessa Beeley, or from one of the other far-right ideologues, like Kevork Almassian, who support the Assad dictatorship. Syria isn’t the first time in history that antiwar activists & socialists have supported war or opposed revolution against dictatorship but it may be the first time they did so with such utter sycophancy to dictatorship & marching lockstep with the fascist right, & with Islamophobes & anti-Semites.

Stop the bombing of Idlib. They are children, old women, young mothers, farmers, nurses, doctors, plumbers, laborers, teachers, electricians, unemployed. They are not terrorists.

Shameful statement by UNAC on Idlib:

(Sketch of farmer receiving medical care from an eyewitness photo by Marc Nelson on Twitter)