There’s no question that Ivanka Trump is as corrupt, amoral, & lying-assed as her father. She does after all, use sweatshop labor to make her clothing line & then has the temerity to argue against a minimum wage. But while she has no place in government, she isn’t as completely stupid as him & may be more intelligent than several past US presidents. It’s becoming a social media game to ridicule her for butting into discussions with political figures including a G20 discussion between Christine Lagarde, Theresa May, Justin Trudeau, & Emmanuel Macron where they rebuffed her. She’s as corrupt as the four of them & as vicious toward working people, but why is she more worthy of contempt than they are? Does anyone really think their discussions are on a higher level than that of Palestinian, Kashmiri, Rohingya freedom activists? It’s a misogynist thing to carry on about her. I would not defend that girl for all the stars in heaven but when you take her amorality on, it ought to be on terms of her corruption, not her gender.