A friend traveling down from San Antonio stopped at a rest stop & saw a bleeding mother bird who had been run over with her baby sitting next to her. It’s illegal in Texas to rescue wild birds but my friend knew the baby would also be run over so she took it with her. As a notorious bird lady, she brought it over to me to care for. Many have brought orphaned birds to me & the prognosis is just not good. They grieve unbearably & believe me, it is painful to watch. One frantically tried to find his way out of my house over & over again but because he couldn’t fly, I knew feral cats would pounce on him within minutes. Once, in deference to the law, I returned a bird to where he’d fallen from his nest & crows had him within minutes. I am still distraught over that. What I’ve reconciled myself to is caring for them as long as possible knowing their grief at losing their mothers & their flock will very soon get the best of them. It’s a merciless world for wee creatures.