Fort Sill, an army post near Oklahoma City, will be used to incarcerate unaccompanied children arrested for crossing the US-Mexico border. It was built in 1869 after the Civil War with officers from the Union Army assigned to head the post & lead the wars of extermination against the many Indian tribes of Texas, the Southwest, & the US Plains states. The fort was used as a prisoner-of-war camp for Apaches & other tribes. In WWII, it was used as an internment camp for Japanese. It is also the site of what is called a ‘Boot Hill’ cemetery where gunfighters are buried along with soldiers who died in the wars of extermination–& likely many Indian & Japanese prisoners who died of natural & unnatural causes.

US officials claim only 1,500 children will be warehoused at Fort Sill out of the 11,507 they’ve arrested & stuck in concentration camps so far. But with 94,000 acres & no accountability by the US government, who’s to know exactly what will happen to those children!? There should be vigils & protests outside Fort Sill with people from around the US.