Cogent commentary by Mir Laieeq on Modi winning the Indian election:

So India has once again chosen its own nemesis. All things, good or bad, end one day, but there is always a beginning to the end.

Modi coming to power again is no longer an aberration, he is reflective of the hate, bigotry and insecurity prevalent among a large number of indians, a number good enough to put him back to power despite a dismal economic record.The vote share for BJP indicates every third indian is a Modi supporter, given the population of india this adds to a terrifying, humongous number.

Modi did not need to go for large scale rigging to win, because once in power he just unleashed the virus of hatred and ignorance through social media and all other outlets of communication, hacking millions of fragile indian minds, including those who call themselves ‘educated’, causing an unprecedented intellectual meltdown in india where truth can no longer be easily differentiated from falsehood. This Frankenstein Monster has evolved out of the smashed debris of a carefully constructed facade of ‘idea of india’ by elite upper caste indian leaders.

In Kashmir the real face of India was always evident, so we understand India better than most indians do. If indians who oppose Modi will fight the battle electorally they are never going to win, monster will only grow bigger and bigger. But if they chose to give resistance on streets the clamp down will not be dissimilar to what has been happening in Kashmir. I think this victory will unleash forces among indians which will claim to fight fascism, Kashmir may prove to be the litmus to distinguish genuine voices from the fake ones. Any force which agrees with indian national consensus of continued occupation of Kashmir in the name of territorial integrity of india must be rejected as another masquerading voice of the status quo. Remeber this: Azaadi IN India will continue to shrink until the Kashmiri demand of Azaadi FROM India is not accepted.

The overwhelming Election Boycotters in Kashmir, who are not given to too much hate, will always wish all the best to every genuine voice fighting fascism in india. Remember these timeless wise words “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.