It was inevitable, after so many praised Hatari for crossing the BDS picket line & waving a Palestinian flag, that others would also praise Madonna for sticking a Palestinian flag on one of her dancers. Picket lines are inviolable in labor circles as they should be in political circles. No one has the authority to pick & choose who can violate them. That isn’t how boycotts & picket lines work. Those who cross them are called scabs. Do any Israeli citizens have the authority to make exceptions for Israel’s embargo of Gaza? But now with the Hatari guys & Madonna being called heroes for scabbing BDS, all any musician or academic has to do to flout the cultural boycott of Israel & be called a champion of Palestinians is to stick an image of the Palestinian flag on their suitcase or their ass when they travel to Israel. How degrading to the Palestinian flag. How demeaning to their struggle. Shame on those who assume the authority to preempt BDS. There are principles involved. There are commitments & no one is above them. For heaven’s sake, get it together!