There seems to be considerable confusion about Zionism with many characterizing it as an ideology of world domination & seeing Zionists behind every nefarious thing in world politics. Such a characterization is deplorably anti-Semitic, not anti-Zionist, & shares the malignancy of Adolph Hitler, David Icke, & Assadism without rendering any understanding of the real character of Zionism.

Zionism is a rightwing, supremacist ideology that emerged in the 19th century among elite Jews in response to historic & ongoing persecution & pogroms against Jews. Persecution so pervasive that it eventually led to the WWII holocaust. Zionists, rather than join with & build the broader struggles against racism, colonialism, white supremacy, threw in their lot with colonialism hoping they could broker a better deal for Jews by building a Jewish-only homeland. To build a Jewish-only homeland in Palestine required forcibly displacing Palestinians. This was accomplished with the political backing of colonial powers because Zionism could & continues to serve their purposes in the Middle East. It never had to do, either for Zionists or the colonial powers, with ending the systematic persecution of Jews but more with using them to build a military fortress in the Middle East against democracy & the struggles against colonialism & tyranny.

Progressive Jews have always played a leading role in elaborating Zionist ideology & in the political struggle against it. It’s likely that most of us understand its character from them & from Palestinians. To in any way, even in a disguised way, conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitic misrepresentations like world domination is an insult to the role they have played in linking the struggle against hatred for Jews with the broader struggles against racism, colonialism, white supremacy.