Because colonialism, apartheid, & genocide against Palestinians is central to Zionism, the struggle against its every manifestation is deadly serious. That struggle is not advanced one iota, nor are Palestinians served one iota, by those who see Zionist conspirators behind everything they disagree with. How does seeing Zionists as the plotters behind 9/11, in control of world media & international banking, behind the movement for women’s rights, orchestrating the Arab Spring uprisings, motivating US-coalition intervention in Syria differ from Hitler’s assertion that Jewish bankers run the world?

Today, the cusp of transition from populism to fascism, the emboldenment of fascists around the world is rooted in hatred for Muslims & hatred for Jews that is rooted in racism, white supremacy, orientalism, militarism, colonialism. If you want to understand its political trajectory, studying the emergence of national socialism/fascism in Germany is a good place to start. It is also a clarion call to reject Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, & ‘war on terror’ ideology that has weakened where it has not outright destroyed the progressive movement