Many are circulating a news report that an Israeli general is behind the military coup that ousted Morsi & replaced him with direct military rule under General Sisi. This is nothing but anti-Semitic rubbish & conspiracy mongering. The article was written by a leading fascist named Whitney Webb (who comes from the LaRouche network), was published by the pro-Iranian theocracy & Assadist propaganda site Mint Press, & circulated by Alison Weir on her If Americans Knew blog. Weir is deeply problematic politically because she attended the New Horizons conference in Iran which is a gathering of the world’s leading fascists, holocaust deniers & other anti-Semites, 9/11 truthers & other conspiracy whack jobs. She is either anti-Semitic or has a massive cognitive disconnect. Who of us could convene for days with such political trash?

To my mind, the coup against Morsi is one of the most misunderstood events in the Egyptian Arab Spring & signals its defeat. It divides those who understood the military character of rule behind the Morsi regime from those who fetishize rigged elections as the highest expression of popular rule. The military pulled an end run around the Egyptian revolution which at the time of the coup saw an estimated 30 million people in the streets demanding Morsi’s removal. Most analyses treat those protesters as of no consequence compared to the rigged elections which put Morsi in power.

We should debate this event to bring clarity to it. But it is not necessary to render anything but contempt to Webb’s rabid hatred that sees evil Jews hiding behind everything. What makes his assertion even more repugnant is that he & his ilk opposed all of the Arab Spring uprisings as orchestrated by the CIA & Mossad. We see the full fruition of their political derangement in their support for the Assad regime against the Arab Spring.