“Thinking loud : It is true that the whole political class in india endorses occupation of Kashmir, however the saffron variety displays extreme, rabid, hatred against Kashmiri Muslims. Some Kashmiris argue that if BJP comes to power again, it will bring about the disintegration of india and therefore might hasten the freedom of Kashmir. This should not be misconstrued as support for fascism in india, Kashmiris are in no way able to impede or bring BJP to power in India. It is an assertion reflective of a people pushed to the wall with naked cruelty, indignity and extreme oppression. In my opinion coming of BJP to power again will be disastrous for the struggle of Kashmiris, regional peace and also for marginalised people in india. Though the cancer of hatred, ignorance and prejudice prevalent in india, which makes BJP possible, may take a longer time to cure, but for the sake of whole humanity, peace and our already difficult struggle may BJP lose, irreversibly.”

–Mir Laieeq on the upcoming general elections in India