When Bernie Sanders aggressively campaigns against open borders & calls for ‘comprehensive immigration reform’, he’s trying to pulling a fast one on his liberal & oh-so-gaga socialist supporters. Comprehensive immigration reform is a day late & a dollar short when there are tens of thousands of refugees encamped on the US southern border, including thousands of little kids, unable to enter the US & when there are thousands in US concentration camps, including thousands of kidnapped children, arrested for trying to enter the US. What about them? Don’t their rights matter? Some of those refugees, like Haitians, have preferred immigration rights under US law allowing them to enter the US which the Trump regime is denying them. What about them?

Would champion of the people Bernie Sanders turn away tens of thousands of refugees because he is so busy campaigning that he hasn’t gotten off his ass to propose ‘comprehensive immigration reform’? Are they supposed to just trudge 1,500 back home because his being president is more important than their humanity? Will his supporters please smarten up & stand with refugees rather than with another windbag promising the stars at the expense of the ‘poor, unskilled workers’ Sanders is so afraid of?